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Stunning 5-star Guesthouse

Simone and Jonathan welcome you to Carter’s Rest. A stunning 5-star guesthouse  in Glendale, Isle of Skye 

                               Please note that it is always cheaper to book on the website and Special Offers are only available on the website.

When booking you will be charged a £20 booking fee/deposit. If you take up your reservation then this amount is deductible from your final bill, however if you decide to cancel this amount is a non-refundable booking fee. 

Our guesthouse on Skye boasts the most splendid view of Loch Pooltiel and the Little Minch. Our lounge looks directly over the little Minch, with sofas for you to relax on,and a wood fire to warm you. Relax here and enjoy a tea or coffee, or just a quiet time with your book. In the evening a glass of wine.

Mornings can start with a relaxing coffee on the sofa. Forget time,enjoy the peace of Carter’s Rest, watch the birds, the sheep or the cows, enjoy the view, and enjoy your breakfast. 

We provide evening meals Monday to Saturday during the season.

Closed October 22 to February 28 2023.

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